Trump Cannonballs Davos

The world holds its collective breath as the global economic summit at Davos, Switzerland begins.
Some are concerned that Donald Trump will deliver a blistering attack against the global economic powers, touting “America First” ….. you know …. like he did on the campaign.
Others are more sanguine, figuring that an even tempered Trump will appear before them, to turn the page and embrace the billionaire friendly, global economy.
Mostly, though, is the fear that a near naked Trump will show up at the traditional after hours Rich Folks’ Hot Tub, in his spandex banana hammock, and cause a hot tub tsunami, by settling his KFC bucket-like body into the water, sending the other attendees floating out like corks on an ocean swell.
“Somebody call for a hot, steaming tub? Well, here I am!”

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