Alt-Right Blog Daily Stormer Becomes Daily Grindr

Andrew Anglin, publisher of the alt-right blog The Daily Storm, has tearfully come out of the Hitler Youth closet, blurting to the world that he’s gay.

“I struggled against these sexual stirrings for so long, moaned Andy, clutching a fistful of Kleenex. “Whenever online searches found me lingering over the hunky studs on Rent Boy or the savage young blacks of Fudge Packer, I would lash out …. posting despicable, hateful things about those who, deep down, I knew were my people.

Of course I got an erection whenever I would see a video of some gay boy being horribly beaten and kicked by the Nazi vermin who read my blog, but that’s only because I so badly wanted it to be me, feeling those steel tipped boots and lead-filled baseball bats turning my nut sack into queer pudding.”

With a shuddering sigh, Andy straightened in his chair on the Youtube video and said, “from now on, I am calling my blog “The Daily Grindr,” in honor of the gay meeting site, Grindr, that has brought me so many butt pounding one night stands. I want the world to know that I have taken so much black cock up my bitchy white ass, that I have to use a banana-sized tampon, to keep from crapping my pants every time I drop to my knees to pay lip service to some uncircumcised Adonis.

“I hope my hard bodied skin head fans, will continue to visit my site; I have such plans …….. including a golden shower video spectacular where a never ending circle of Jew boys piss on me as I bob for apples in a tub of warm Hasidic urine. Join me, one and all!”

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