Trump Reveals Plan to Pay for Tax Cuts


Brushing off criticism for his recently announced tax cuts, President Trump pointed out that as the smartest guy on the planet, he was surprised that no one else, including his own Treasury Secretary, Steve McMunchkin, hadn’t tumbled to the easiest way to offset revenues lost to the federal government by his record busting tax initiative.
“It’s really simple. It’s so simple. We have this big building around here somewhere called, The Mint. No one knows why … but anyway here’s what we do. The naysayers claim that my huge tax cuts will force the government to borrow in order to make up lost revenue. That’s wrong. So wrong. The solution is simple. I have signed an executive order to have The Mint start cranking out money by the trillions. They have many printing presses over there. Hundreds even. Every dollar lost to tax cuts, we print up a dollar to replace it. I’ve signed another executive order authorizing the hiring of more people to run those presses, and still more to drive the trucks that will haul bales of money from the Mint to banks all over the country. More money, more jobs. See, this is why I’m a billionaire and you’re not. Let me say that again: you’re not!

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