Trump Not Getting What He Paid For

Donald Trump Addresses GOP Lincoln Day Event In Michigan

Amid the swirling of Obama wiretapping claims and stolen tax returns, it was pretty easy to overlook President Trump’s startling comments about NBC on Fox News.
According to Trump, NBC “owes him” for all the years The Apprentice made money; he said they should slant their coverage to make him look better.

“Pound for pound I was the biggest star on the NBC network”, said the president, speaking to Sean Hannity about his faux reality Apprentice show.
“I make them rich and they pay me back by focusing on my greed and lack of ethics? What’s that about?
Every day I make millions by not paying the contractors and workmen who build my palaces ………… a fantastic business model, by the way …… and all NBC can do is whine about how I screw over people.

I put together a phony ‘Trump University’ that promises to teach others how to make millions ……… and NBC complains that people went into debt to learn crap they could have picked up for free at their local library. They know nothing about the business world! Nothing!

You don’t become a billionaire by being ethical and treating people decently, Sean, you become wealthy by using proven business techniques: you use bait and switch, you stiff your employees, You use cheap, shoddy building materials, you take bribes from foreign governments, you cheat on taxes and above all, you make sure someone else gets blamed for everything that goes wrong.

Right now I’m building that wall on the southern border. Anyone who believed Mexico would actually pay for it was probably gullible enough to vote for me. I have no sympathy for morons, Sean …………. but I will take their money.”

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